Technical advice

Servicio de asesoramiento
Our professionals will assistyou with technical advice on all aspects concerning crops caring and monitoring. Our mission is to provide a technical assistance that allows our clients to obtain the optimal crops performances.

Products Supply

We dispose of a broad range of products and a large experience in supplying agriculture inputs.

NAP standards Adaptation

We are adapted to the Directive n. 128/2009 of the NAP (National Action Plan) on rational use of phytosanitary products.

Integrated Pest Management

Sericio de gestión de plagas
We count on the presence of technical advisors listed in the ROPO. Your technical advisor will provide you a complete report with recommendations according to your crops needs, always by using products which have authorized by the IPM (Integrated Pest Management), as per Real Decreto 1311/2012

Fertirrigation Programme

We carry out an optimized fertilization and irrigation programmes for your crops. Please fill out the enquiry form enclosed and we will send your personalized fertirrigation plan.

Fertirrigation Programme

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